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Affirmation Essays Affirmation Essay Affirmation Essay Section 1 The Problem and its Background Introduction The term RFID alludes to Radio Frequency Identification, an innovation which uses radio waves to consequently distinguish things or individuals. Most regularly this includes the utilization of a RFID tag and a peruser gadget. All in all terms, Radio Frequency Identification frameworks comprise of a RFID tag (commonly numerous labels) and an investigator or peruser. The investigative specialist transmits a field of electromagnetic waves from a reception apparatus, which are consumed by the tag. The consumed vitality is utilized to control the tag’s microchip and a sign that incorporates the label distinguishing proof number is sent back to the investigator. The utilization of a remote non-contact framework that utilizations radio frequencyâ electromagnetic fieldsâ to move information from a label joined to an item, for the motivations behind programmed recognizable proof and following. A few labels require no battery and are controlled and perused at short ranges by means of attractive fields (electromagnetic enlistment). Backround of the Study Tanauan Institute has just been utilizing the Library System. Since the foundation is as of now utilizing such innovation, these will be the first run through for the organization to utilize Radio Frequency Identification. The analysts thought of augmenting its utilization by making a framework that will follow the understudies who obtained books, which will have RFID stickers for checking purposes, in the library. As of now, the school’s library is utilizing the â€Å"Library System† in checking the books, which has various constraints. It isn't fit for creating reports that can decide the books that are for the most part acquired which can assist them with settling on the quantity of a specific book they will buy later on. It is likewise utilizing Microsoft Visual Basic for the system’s database which can just store extremely constrained data. Then again, the framework that the library is utilizing in recording the participation of the clients can't help them in distinguishing the library clients of the month. The administrators need to physically tally the occasions every understudy had signed in the framework. In conclusion, they have additionally no methods for reminding the library clients with respect to their acquired book Statement of the Problem Not fit for producing reports that can decide the books that are for the most part obtained. No methods for reminding the library clients with respect to about their obtained books. Manual tallying the occasions every understudy had signed in the framework. Targets of the Study For the most part, the analysts plan to structure and build up a framework that would improve the utilization of the current Library System with the assistance of RFID in the said Institute. In particular, the examination means to: Design and build up a framework that will create reports to decide the pattern in book acquiring Use MySQL for the system’s database Determine the library clients of the month in only a tick of a catch Remind the understudies and employees with respect to their obtained books Test and assess the system’s precision and unwavering quality Scope and Delimitation There would be a few restrictions to the undertaking that ought to be thought about. This investigation restrains its inclusion to the understudies of the Tanauan Institute as it were. It will be led for two semesters which comprises of 10 months. Two low recurrence ACR122U Smart Card Readers will be utilized for the framework: one for the observing of books and the other one for the chronicle of the participation. The framework will be written in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010. The database that will be fused with such is Microsoft My SQL. It will execute just in stages running Windows Operating System. The utilizations of the framework will just cover the observing of books and following of the borrowers. Other unavoidable conditions, for example, power interferences and speed of access, and other progressively complex regions of RFID Technology, for example, making sure about the information, are no longer piece of the examination. Reasonable Framework For the specialists to have the option to think of a Radio Frequency Identification Reloading System, they will require truly adaptable and flexible information in utilizing the VB. NET programming language and in utilizing the MS Server 2008. They will likewise be requiring materials, for example, ACS Readers, labels which ought to be perfect with the peruser and a work area running Windows working framework. The related outside and nearby examinations and writing would likewise be of large guide to them on account of the given data and issues with arrangements of these materials. With all the information, the materials to be utilized and the related assets, the analysts should cautiously design the entire investigation which will be the establishment of their exploration in general, assemble and break down information before they structure and code the framework. After the coding stage, the analysts need to test and assess their examination. On the off chance that essential, adjustments ought to be done to consummate the framework. Reasonable Paradigm The following is the figure of the theoretical worldview of the examination: NOTE:::: REVISED PARADIGM MAKE A NEW DIAGRAM.. Spot IT HERE!!!.. Figure 2. Worldview of the examination Definition of Terms Accuracy is a quality of a dependable framework accomplished from various tests and assessment. Course Management is a division in the library which is responsible for dealing with the acquiring and the returning of library materials. Assortment Management-is a division in the library which is responsible for keeping up the assortment of the library materials through including or refreshing records. Database is a sorted out assortment of information required for putting away, refreshing, recovering and seeing data for a specific framework. Library Management System is the framework which will be a guide for checking the books and following and reminding the borrowers in a specific library. Radio Frequency Identification is one of the freshest ID innovations that utilization electromagnetic fields to move and read information that will be coordinated by the scientists in this examination. Part 2 Related Literature and Studies A. Related Literature Foreign Literature Holloway (June 2006), Microsoft EMEA Manufacturing Industry Solutions Architect, composed a white paper which clarified the parts of an essential RFID framework and how it functions. As indicated by him, a RFID framework is made out of three significant bits of gear, for example, (1) a little radio gadget called a tag, or the transponder, which contains the information, (2) the peruser, or the questioner, that transmits and gathers information to be downloaded from and transferred to the tag, and (3) the host PC introduced with a RFID programming to process the information into important data. Daniel (2004) sums up the activity in a fundamental RFID framework as talked about beneath: First, the label will enter the RF field of the Reader at that point, the RF sign resolve the Tag that will transmit the ID with other information which, then again, will be sent to the PC by the Reader. At that point, the PC will be the one sending information to the Reader which will be transmitted to the tag. In a paper distributed by Mitrokotsa and Douligeri (2009), â€Å"Integrated RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures and Applications†, they talked about and separate RFID and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Technologies. They additionally talked about why these innovations ought to be actualized to different fields of business and their necessities. Since the advocates will utilize RFID, the tips, which are demonstrated successful, given in this examination on the most proficient method to have better RFID-based frameworks will be of huge assistance in directing their investigation. Soldatos (2010) figured an examination entitled Rich Client Application for RFID EPCIS Repository wherein he made programming which planned to give an UML-like graphical portrayal of the business areas, and read purposes of an endeavor with a more easy to understand RFID-based programming framework. Dhanalakshmi and Mamatha (n. d. ) composed a paper wherein they talked about the undertaking that they made entitled â€Å"RFID Based Library Management System† which is fundamentally the same as the examination being led by the defenders. In their study’s decision, they have shown and demonstrated that RFID in the library speeds up its exchanges, for example, book getting, returning, looking through hence empowers staff to accomplish a greater amount of its obligations. Mutigwe and Aghdasi (n. d. likewise led an examination entitled â€Å"Research Trends in RFID Technology† wherein they have given consideration at proceeding with research exercises in the field of RFID and discussed the conceivable significant weights that RFID Technology is confronting today, for example, security, significant expenses, and social and lawful concerns. Nearby Literature Garcia (2009) made an investigation, â€Å"Student Recognition Using Radio Frequency Identification for Tarla c State University†, which was embraced to build up a framework that would bolster and improve the current method of recognizing understudies at Tarlac State University. The framework is fit for bringing in exceed expectations documents to refresh understudy records. Through the pictures and the data showed by the framework, security officials think that its simple to recognize the understudies entering the school grounds. Reports can be produced for organization and documenting purposes. The worry of security was additionally tended to on the grounds that the framework can control clients and produce necessary records. Like the investigation of the defenders, the framework that they will make can likewise create reports for observing and stock purposes. Another examination which likewise centered around the record keeping of understudies who enter and leave the school premises is the â€Å"Design of RFID Interface System: A Prototype† directed by Engr. Dellosa (2007). He structured a hardware equipped for demonstrating the appearance and takeoff of the understudies so that the understudies can likewise be informed. He likewise created programming equipped for catching and recording the studen

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Strategies For The Incrasing Amount Of Ell Students Education Essay

States like the US and other created states are portrayed by monstrous segment modifications something that has lead to high figure of English Language researchers. For case, surveies demonstrate the figure of English Language Learners ( ELLs ) students in the US is expanding each twelvemonth. Of to stress is that, these students every now and again perform sick in different themes ; something that has been credited to their inadequacy of capability in English Language. This calls for use of instructional plans and builds by instructors in learning ELLs understudies. This paper features basic instructional plans and builds that ought to be utilized in ELLs schoolrooms.Instructional Schemes for ELL schoolroomSurveies show that states like the US and other created states are sing tremendous segment modifications ( Terrazas and Batalova, 2006 ) . This has likewise expanded the figure of English Language Learners ( ELL ) students. Surveies by Terrazas andA Batalova ( 2008 ) show that the number of inhabitants in ELLs understudies in US schools is gigantically expanding with their figure copying somewhere in the range of 1980s and 2006. Terrazas and Batalova farther demonstrate that the general figure of US understudies who are classified as ELLs rose from 6.8 per centum to 10.3 per centum somewhere in the range of 1996 and 2006. Surveies have other than demonstrated that ELLs understudies ordinarily score sick in different themes. This reality has been credited to their insufficiency of capability in English etymological correspondence which makes it difficult for them to comprehend learning stuffs for different points ( Terrazas and Batalova, 2008 ) . Consequently structure phonetic correspondence capability will be of superseding importance in climbing by and large open introduction among ELLs understudies. Training ELL students is a mind boggling strategy that requires great characterized plans. Hence, this will require an educator to coordinate various builds and plans. This paper will try to frontal area the absolute most basic plans and develops that can be utilized by educators in propelling capability of English etymological correspondence among ELLs students. Coming up next are basic plans that can be utilized in elevating obtaining and capability of English semantic correspondence among ELLs pupils:Comprehensible inputThis theory was hypothesized by Krashen and puts complement on ‘input ‘ that causes etymological correspondence securing. This theory expresses that ; for second semantic correspondence procurement to occur, the acquirer must have comprehendible contribution through hearing and perusing phonetic correspondence structures that are over their current capacity ( Krashen, 1985 ) . The info hypothesis clarifies how the acquirer moves from their present degree ( spoke to by ( â€Å" I † ) of competency to the prompt after degree ( spoke to by â€Å" i+1 † ) . The important status ( however non adequate ) for an acquirer to go from his present level of competency to the accompanying degree depends on understanding information sources that contains â€Å" i+1 † . â€Å" Understanding † implies the acquirer is centered around the noteworthiness and non the signifier of the message ( Krashen, 1982 ) . In this way fitting to the comprehendible speculation, it is basic for the acquirer non to have inputs that outperform their level of competency. Subsequently for strong English semantic correspondence obtaining to take topographic point, the acquirer must have comprehendible data sources that are questioning bounty in order to better their lingual capability. In this way this speculation puts complement on the interest to occupied the schoolroom with procurement exercises or endeavors rather than larning exercises or syntactic developments. This proposes instructors can work their students better in English etymological correspondence exercises among ELLs understudies by introducing arranged securing endeavors in schoolrooms ( Ellis, 1997 ) . This theory other than proposes that the acquirer must non be compelled to go on and on right on time. It is necessitated that specific proportion of comprehendible information be constructed first before the acquirer is permitted to talk in schoolroom. Blending to Krashen ( 1982 ) , most second semantic correspondence understudies will go through a stage alluded to as â€Å" soundless period † during which the researchers progressively get and build sufficient comprehendible information sources that will be basic in helping them make their ain developments. Subsequently semantic correspondence procurement happens when the acquirer feels prepared ( in the wake of being presented to enough â€Å" i+1 † comprehendible data sources ) ( Krashen, 1982 ) . Orchestrating to comprehendible info hypothesis, when acquirers get second phonetic correspondence inputs that are one measure over their present competency, they can better and enter â€Å" a characteristic request † . This can be made conceivable with the guide of extra-phonetic or setting data. This implies the acquirers must use more that their perception, lingual competency, setting about the universe in understanding phonetic correspondence that contains developments that are past their current level of competency ( McLaughlin, 1987 ) . Along these lines the capacity of ELLs educators is to ensure that understudies are given bounty comprehendible data sources each piece much as could be expected under the circumstances. Blending to this speculation, comprehendible sources of info are described by the undermentioned components: intriguing and pertinent, comprehendible, adequate ( â€Å" i+1 † ) and non linguistically sequenced ( McLaughlin, 1987 ) .On-going, explicit, and quick feedbackOne of the instructional plans that can be utilized to ensure English researchers become capable in the semantic correspondence is ‘enhancing unique or changing criticisms ‘ . This plan expects educators to break down the substance of their students ‘ reaction. Input can either be verbal or non-verbal and is a basic segment of indicating perception of the stuffs introduced to them either verbally or in a non-verbal mode ( McLaughlin, 1987 ) . Criticism will help the instructors in investigating if understudies have appreciated or on the off chance that they are sing phonetic correspondence obstructions. In this manner it is basic for English instructors to be in a spot to isolate among negative and positive criticisms which happen when students confuse or neglect to grok stuffs introduced to them. Ordinarily in a classification of ELLs, understudies will give a negative input any place they are sing semantic correspondence obstructions. Accordingly the capacity that the instructor should play in this case is to interfere with these hindrances. The sort of input will change contingent upon the level of second etymological correspondence obtaining and formative degree the students work at ( Ellis, 1997 ) . Prompt criticism is one of the most proficient kinds of input which is given in a flash after put to deathing an unconventional procurement movement. This sort of input is basic in developing conveying achievements and in building confirmation between the youthful researchers and the instructor. Youthful researchers should be sure that what they are larning is correct or amiss with no hold. This is on the grounds that they do non groups bounty perception to do their decisions sing their degrees of capability. At the point when a researcher gives an answer that isn't right, the instructor has the obligation of providing a disciplinary criticism which will take to redress and autonomous fear of stuffs. In this way orchestrating to this plan, juvenile researchers are bound to be effective with word decision and jargon. Youthful researchers at an early creation stage will benefit from input that shape right etymological correspondence obtaining. This implies these researchers will requir e changing entirety of tuning in and amendment to right framed phonetic correspondence ( Hill and A ; Flynn, 2006 ) . Continuous criticism applies to more seasoned researchers who are in a spot to gauge their evaluation of capability in etymological correspondence. Other than blending to Hill and Flynn ( 2006 ) , researchers who are at middle and propelled degrees of persuasiveness capability require explicit criticism. This criticism will in general be like that of ‘Native-English ‘ talkers. Understudies at this degree will require more prominent introduction to advanced hypothetical records of second semantic correspondence. They ought to other than be supported header with develops that current a few difficulties to them. Other than blending to this instructional plan, more complement ought to be put on the substance rather than the signifier of take a gander at this degree. Synergistic exercises can help with guaranting explicit criticism by building sense of self affirmation furthermore uplifting the level of perception ( Hill and A ; Flynn, 2006 ) .Grouping developments and techniq uesHarmonizing to McLaughlin ( 1987 ) , this strategy requires educators for ELLs to set more highlight on strategies of elevating cooperation through actualizing bunch developments while introducing instructional plans. The main gathering strategy that will ensure ELLs understudies are roused and effectively certify is to bunch them with their equivalents who are ‘Native-English ‘ talkers. This will offer the researchers a chance to distinguish the level of semantic correspondence capability they should take at what's more to hold a chance of developing on their ain etymological correspondence achievements. Another signifier of collection blending to Lessow-Hurley is making little gatherings of ELLs staying of three-five researchers. Lessow-Hurley territories that, this will be fundamental in increasing imparting in a protected and loosened up condition in which students have no dread of taking perils. In this manner making little gatherings helps in driving out anxious strained quality among researchers in light of the fact that every researcher in a gathering will be encircled by individual classmates with abo

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Where there is no William Shakespeare :: Biography Biographies Essays

Where there is no Shakespeare   You can be a virtuoso and still be a common man, comments abstract investigate and student of history A.L. Rowse, bantering on the genuine originator of Shakespeare's work. It has been addressed whether Shakespeare-without a doubt one of the most wonderful and acclaimed writers that the world has ever known, was the genuine originator of his work. Albeit much isn't affirmed about Shakespeare's work and life, there are numerous suspicions that lead researchers to scrutinize Shakespeare's character because of his restricted foundation, absence of unique compositions, and his undocumented birth and passing.   History specialists expect that Shakespeare was instructed at Stratford Grammar School where he learned Latin and potentially Greek. Shakespeare was uneducated; he never went to any school, and truth be told, there is no genuine proof that he went to the Stratford Grammar School. The plays, in any case, were clearly composed by an accomplished man, with a fantastic information on old style writing and folklore. Shakespeare didn't go to a college this inquiries how Shakespeare took in the French, Italian, Latin and Greek that gave the material to the plays.  If he had gone to the town school, he would have learned just little Latin and perhaps Greek.  Never having gone to college, it draws numerous questions on how the man from Stratford gain the information the plays uncover of the law and medicine.  Never having been adrift, it is muddled how Shakespeare picked up the information the plays uncover of route. It has been addressed how Shakespeare-a hick, uti lizes the language of lords and kinsmen. The plays show that their creator was all around familiar with the exercises and perspectives of the blue-bloods, was thoughtful to those mentalities, and was very much familiar with court life and conspiring. This unequivocally recommends the creator was himself a privileged person. In any case, Shakespeare was an everyday citizen, and had no immediate information on court life.   Another reality that addresses Shakespeare's work is that there is no record indicating that the man from Stratford wrote these works. There ought to be a record: his original copies, his letters, the letters sent to him, the letters about him among others, and printed stories and flyers about him. The main works identified with Shakespeare's works are audits and remarks on the plays and sonnets.

Madison Bells Ten Indians free essay sample

An examination of the novel Ten Indians by Madison Bell. This paper gives an examination of the novel, which manages the issues of medications, savagery and despair, and poses the inquiry, Can culture fix itself? The paper tends to this topic through an assessment of the fundamental character, a therapist endeavoring to have any kind of effect in a downtown ghetto. The story Ten Indians is set in the town of Baltimore and is set to relate the narrative of Mike Devlin who is a therapist but then, his very own contentions are making strife inside himself and his training. Chime makes Devlin as a man who is disengaged even in a group and who can't accommodate his internal and external real factors. His impression of occasions now and again beguile him and the outcomes are terrible. Inside our general public is seen the nearness of medications, savagery, and despondency which appear to be so profoundly imbued in the way of life that there is no answer for improving things. We will compose a custom article test on Madison Bells Ten Indians or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page An absence of occupations and a government assistance framework that keeps individuals alive however gives little expectation further hinders social change thus emerges the inquiry can anything really be changed? Or on the other hand are the issues so recalcitrant that keeping individuals alive is as well as can be expected be finished?

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Basic Solutions for Bad Study Habit Free Essays

†¢Balancing school and companions. This can be a test. Companionships are significant yet so is school. We will compose a custom article test on Essential Solutions for Bad Study Habit or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now The most ideal approach to adjust school and companions is to concentrate together. Old buddies will bolster your scholarly and future objectives. You can likewise warm up to others who are getting ready for school and accepting indistinguishable classes from you. †¢Add enthusiasm to your understanding assignments. To traverse a long understanding task, envision yourself in the story. Get included. Ask yourself, â€Å"What is critical to recall about this area? † You ought to consistently take notes or underline key areas and examine the material with others in your group. You can likewise make an investigation gathering and break the task into various segments. Every individual can be answerable for intently examining one piece of the content. Different parts you can skim or framework. At that point get all together to share what you’ve realized. †¢Cramming before a test. Packing before a test is constantly a poorly conceived notion. Begin concentrating great ahead of time. Start with an hour or two every day and afterward increment your investigation time as tests approach. †¢Don’t realize where to begin. Your test is to organize. With a major venture, list all the things you need to do. At that point split the task into little, sensible pieces. Ask, â€Å"Which part is expected first? Which some portion of the task is worth more focuses? Which undertaking will set aside the most effort to finish? † Decide which errands are generally significant and what request you’ll use to complete things. At that point begin! The most significant thing to recollect is start early and work somewhat every day. You’ll be stunned at how much advancement you make. †¢Staying up the entire night to examine. Prior to a test, it is critical to get enough rest. That is all. Make time to unwind and loosen up before each test. Make certain to eat well, rest soundly and perhaps get some activity. You’re bound to improve on the test on the off chance that you deal with yourself. †¢Not sufficient opportunity to examine. The secret to taking care of this issue is getting sorted out. Draw out the entirety of your notes and course books. Distinguish the most significant data and the things you don’t comprehend. Center your investigation time and vitality on learning those things. On the off chance that you need additional assistance, ask an educator or mentor. On the off chance that after school exercises are the issue, keep a schedule with game days, gatherings, assignments and practice times. Start assignments right when you get them, and use lunch hours and breaks to gain additional ground. †¢Trouble recollecting things. In the event that you just experience difficulty here and there, have a go at interfacing new data with your own models and encounters. Use rhymes, sonnets or mental pictures to help recall significant realities. A few people even make up melodies to assist them with recalling things. On the off chance that you generally experience difficulty recalling, regardless of to what extent or hard you study, converse with your educator or school guide. They can converse with you about your particular issues and prescribe systems to help. The most effective method to refer to Basic Solutions for Bad Study Habit, Essay models

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What Marital Sex Statistics Can Reveal

What Marital Sex Statistics Can Reveal Relationships Spouses & Partners Print What Marital Sex Statistics Can Reveal Whos Doing It and How Often? By Sheri Stritof Sheri Stritof has written about marriage and relationships for 20 years. Shes the co-author of The Everything Great Marriage Book. Learn about our editorial policy Sheri Stritof Updated on November 26, 2019 DreamPictures / Getty Images More in Relationships Spouses & Partners Marital Problems LGBTQ Violence and Abuse While its not usually a good idea to compare your sex life to what sex statistics say about others, it can be interesting to look at how often other couples have sex. For example, many people believe theyre having less sex than their peers (according to a reader survey), but scientific study results might prove them wrong. Other stats can offer insight on married couples sexual satisfaction and even relationship satisfaction and how its related to sex. How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex? Americans in their 20s (whether partnered or not) have sex about 80 times a year, or more than once per week, says a 2017 study.?? While that number declines with age, it turns out that there is such a thing as too much sex. While the frequency of sex is associated with happiness, partnered couples who have sex more than once a week are no happier than those having sex weekly, according to an analysis of three research studies of over 30,000 people.?? Having sex once a week might be the ideal, according to science. But the real ideal is what works for you and your partner. If youre happy, then youre having the right amount of sex for you. If youre not, you can work on the problem through better communication, more experimentation in the bedroom, and/or couples or sex therapy. More research looking at this sex frequency-happiness connection noted that pushing frequency past once a week might lead to a decline in wanting for, and enjoyment of, sex.?? In other words, quality counts as much as quantity. Whats more, one study of heterosexual couples published in 2017 linked husbands positive behaviors toward their wives with the frequency of sex.?? So if you want more in bed, you might try being more generous and giving outside of the bedroom. How Much Sex Is Enough in a Marriage or Relationship? Married Sex and Satisfaction A survey conducted by Durex (the condom maker) in 2013 looked at some of the ways sex can promote connection and satisfaction in couples. Some results included: 96% of respondents said being emotionally connected results in the best sex.92% are turned on by their partner showing vulnerability.90% believe it is possible for sex to get better after years of being together.61% of women and 80% of men say the sex is pretty good. (Another 2013 survey, from iVillage, got the same result.) Satisfaction and interpersonal warmth matter more in a marriage than the frequency of intercourse, according to sex researchers. And there is a strong connection between sex, well-being, affection, and positive affect (or mood), according to research published in 2017.?? Mutual respect is also important; when partners feel respected, they also report being sexually satisfied. In terms of how their sex life could be improved, people say theyre looking for more love and romance; more quality time alone with their partner; more fun; and less stress. Married Sex and Communication Couples also say they could have better communication with their partner. The answer to what should we do to make our sex life better/have sex more often/make sex more satisfying often begins with talking. One study, published in 2019, tied better sexual communication with greater sexual satisfactionâ€"and even fewer faked orgasms. Women who continued to fake orgasms were more likely to indicate embarrassment talking about sex with their partner in explicit ways, the studys authors said??. More than half of women reported they had wanted to communicate with a partner regarding sex but decided not to; the most common reasons were not wanting to hurt a partner’s feelings, not feeling comfortable going into detail, and embarrassment, the study continued. How to Talk About Sex With Your Partner A Word From Verywell Though interesting, what statistics say about other peoples sex lives is usually not relevant to your own. What matters is how you and partner feel about your relationship and sex lifeâ€"and how well you can discuss it with each other. Communication is key. Depending on the underlying issues and emotions you and your partner are experiencing, you might benefit from working with a personal therapist, a couples counselor, or a sex therapist.

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Symbolism in Heart of Darkness - Free Essay Example

Joseph Conradrs Heart of Darkness tells the tale of a sailor, a petty trader and commander, as well as a tyrannical company, through symbolic hidden meanings and irony. Ultimately bringing forth, the true meaning of the novella. Throughout Heart of Darkness, How these figurative elements are executed, lures the reader and envelopes them in a novella that reveals the truth of colonialism and the influence it has on the whites and minorities, making this work worthy of study in a literature course. Conrad uses symbolism in an attempt to reveal the truth of colonialism and the influence it has on the whites and minorities For instance, Kurtz and the river, both are more than what they appear to be; a man and a natural unit. The symbol is something used to insinuate that one has to look below the surface, dig deeper, in order to find the hidden meaning. As you read the novel, you come to find that the ringmaster of the heart of darkness found within the Congo, is Kurtz. Kurtz, the central figure of the novel, symbolizes many things. For one, he represents the great influence the individuals found in the Congo, referred to as savages, have on the man believed to be civilized and insane. Kurtz also represents the power hungry and greedy whites as he leads the savages to do what he ultimately desires, which is to be treated and referred to as a god like figure. While attempting to train the savages he turned into one himself. Kurtz hurt others with no remorse as he climbed the ladd er of success he had built himself during his time in the Congo. Another major figure is Marlow, he too has a symbolic role in the novel. Marlow symbolizes the spirit one would find in a student. He seeks new knowledge constantly and like a child, curiosity. Once he absorbs something new during his journey, he takes a moment to observe it, analyze the human behavior, and categorize it regarding morals/values. After some time, Marlow, similarly to Kurtz, begins to show the influence savagery can have on a civilized man and how everyone contains that darkness within them. One of the minor characters in the book, the manager of the central station, symbolizes futility. Day by day he works like a machine and holds the same characteristics as one as well; unable to fear, love, or respect. The manager, similar to a set of machinery, is empty. Perhaps one of the most important symbols in this book, one that is not a character but an object, is ivory. The novel revolves around ivory, symbolizing the white mans greed. The individuals in the novel scour the Congo in search of this for a chance of success and superiority. All things found in the Heart of Darkness have a deeper meaning than one may initially believe so. Through the use of symbolism Conrad reveals the truth of colonialism and the influence it has on the whites and minorities, making this work worthy of study in a literature course. Conrad uses irony to uncover the hidden meaning in the Heart of Darkness. Irony can be described as something that is said versus what actually occurs or is true. There are many ironic situations in the novel, one of the two most important ones, regard to the two greater figures in the novel. One being the influence the Congo had on Kurtz who before traveling there, was a successful agent for a company that wrote an informative brochure on the so called amazing impact whites have on the Congo as a whole; including its savages. The form states how the whites can tame the savages and transform them into civilized human beings. However, their way of causing this transformation is extremely savage-like, making the entire situation an irony. They have become accustomed to inflicting pain on the savages and killing them in order to cause fear. Fear would then cause order and this is what they advertise to accomplish. Also, Kurtz is believed to be one of the best to civilize the savages due to his great moral restraint. This is an irony within an irony. Not only is their way of civilizing the savages immoral but Kurtz also allows his position in the Congo get to his head, leading him to become a savage himself. In the civilized mans attempt to transform a savage he was unable to control his moral self and became a savage himself. During his time there, Kurtz becomes so power-hungry that he begins to order the savages to worship him as if he were a god and to scour the Congo for ivory so that he too can be successful and above all, far more superior than the rest. Him being a part of a company that speaks of being able to civilize savages and then being easily transformed into a savage himself, is one of the greatest ironies the novella holds. The execution of these ironic moments and how they blend into one another seamlessly not to mention how well they compliment each other, make it worthy of study in a literature course. From the beginning, Conrad brings the reader aboard the Nellie in a tale saturated with ironies and symbolism. His execution of these two figurative elements lures the reader into the Congo alongside Marlow for a tale of horror. Conrad reveals the truth of colonialism and the influence it has on the whites and minorities, making this work worthy of study in a literature course.